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Soel and Larg Icontest
Week 13+14 
6th-May-2008 07:57 pm
Sexy Kamui and Subaru
Sorry for making a late theme so I am making two themes.

THEME 1: Group
You can have a group with either monkonas, please have a lite more than two people in it.

Theme 2: Lights
Your icon must have a lights texture/Brushes in it.

~If your icon has other language other than English, please give me the translations.
~Must be a member to join.
~Icons must be NEW
~3 Icons can be submitted.
~No stealing other icons/carbon copy
~All icons must be within LJ standards (100x100px, 40kb)
~Comment with submissions on this post (Comments will be screened)
~ICONS ARE DUE May 16@ 10pm
please post in it here in a screened post.

I'm still looking for a mod.
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