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Soel and Larg Icontest

Icontest for Mokona Madoki pair
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Welcome to Soel and Larg Icontest.
Rules Other
Calendar and Times::
Monday: Winners will be posted and as well as the new theme.
Wednesday: Reminder for submitting icons.
Firday: Icons are due at 10pm. Voting will be up.
Sunday: Voting end at 10pm

Changes may occur at any time, with or without reason.
1. You must be a member to submit icons.
2. Icons MUST BE MADE BY YOU. No editing other people icons, that is cheating.
3. Using icon tutorials step-by-step just to imitate another person's style exactly is discouraged, but will not necessarily result in disqualification.
4. Two icons are allowed to be submitted.
5. Icons must NOT be old or remade icons.
6. You can use images from Tsubasa Reservior Chronicles, Magic Knight Rayearth and xXxHolic.
7. No Fanart is allowed. Sorry.
8. The icon must fit LJ standards (40kb or less, 100x100px or less, and in .jpg/.gif/.png format)
9. Do NOT post your icon anywhere else, until after the week is over.
10. Please use a server that allows direct linking (such as Photobucket.com)
11. You can use downloaded texture and brushes, I hope you'll credit them on your journal.
12. If you would like to submit a theme go here.
When submitting your icon.
*For those who are not good at html, just copy the text below and paste the link where it says: URL GOES HERE*
URL: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/

NAME: fantasy2004

1. Must be a member to vote.
2. #1 (1st place), #2 (2nd place), #3 (3rd place), #4(Special Cataorgy)
3. Don't vote for yourself.
4. Don't ask people to vote for you, that is not fair.
5. Do NOT use a secondary account to submit more votes. That's cheating.
6. After the voting is done, you may use the icons, but please ask the maker first before using and please credit the maker.

Hall of Fame::
To enter hall of fame:
1. You must win 1st place four times.
2. Than you need to wait 3 weeks to enter again. This is to be fair to other members. After that you can submit again.

This community does not hold banner makers. If you won and would like a banner please go to the communities listed below.
cb_overflow or custom_banners.

Want to become an affiliate? Go here.

mmrobitutorials,the_lbms, videogame_lims

Waiting on Confirmation:

Moderators and Other People::
Moderator: fantasy2004
Layout Upkeeper: mmrobitussin

Disclaimers and Such::
Art work done by Clamp.

User info layout and layout graphics are done by: mmrobitussin with help from freelayouts. Original concept was based on works by fantasy2004.